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Scott Penwell named to 2024 Power List

Scott C. Penwell, of Penwell Law, was honored for a second year in a row in Central Penn Business Journal’s Power List for Law in April 2024.  Penwell is the firm’s managing partner, overseeing various aspects of the firm’s operations while leading and working closely with our exceptional team to provide top-notch legal services. He also focuses on client engagement and relationships, seeking to understand their needs and provide effective solutions. Additionally, he plays a principal role in firm growth, team building, developing business plans, and of course, practicing law.

Penwell said in the past year, the practice has seen remarkable successes fueled by amazing teamwork, dedication, and loyalty. “Our team’s commitment to working together and supporting each other has been truly outstanding. Additionally, our out-of-the-box thinking, drive, and creativity have led to innovative solutions and strategies that have set us apart. These qualities have been key contributors to our success, and we are proud of what we have achieved together,” he said.

He sees several emerging trends and challenges in his area of law. “On the trend side, technology plays an increasingly important role, making legal services more efficient and accessible. Convenience is also a growing focus, with clients expecting services to be delivered in a way that fits their life. Challenges include economic factors, rapid technological changes, and maintaining personal interactions. These trends require adaptability and client-focused strategies to navigate successfully,” Penwell said.

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