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About Us

We're anything | but traditional.

We’re not just lawyers. We’re entrepreneurs and business people who have been in your shoes. We understand the challenges you face every day. We offer 21st century legal expertise and decades of savvy business experience. We’re here to guide you.

Our attorneys have practiced at national and regional corporate law firms. We share the belief that a client-centered product is essential to your success. We strive to give you what you want and need because we’re business people first, attorneys second. We’re a partner in your business, not just a legal consultant.

We checked our egos at the door | not our personalities.

Law is a personal service delivered by real people. We, and our talents, knowledge and personalities, are what you invest in when you partner with us.

Using technology | to move your business forward.

Technology has changed the way you operate your business and communicate with consumers, advisors, owners, vendors and business partners. In order to navigate today’s business environment you need an experienced, nimble and technically savvy legal partner to address your legal needs. We understand and exceed your expectations in a way that drives your business forward while minimizing lost time and investment.

You pay for our experience and expertise
| not our learning curve.

Our attorneys have significant experience in corporate, business and securities law developed while handling sophisticated transactions in their prior work at national and regional law firms. However, unlike many larger law firms, we do not have the excessive overhead and rigid bureaucracy that all too often comes with big law legal counsel. That means that you will not pay for unnecessary office space or underwrite our learning curve. We provide the level of expertise you deserve with the transparency, accessibility, flexibility and pricing you would expect from a small firm. If we can’t, we’ll not only tell you, but we will help you find the best legal representation possible through our strategic relationships.

We know what kind of lawyer we would hire
| because we’ve been owners and clients too.

Sure we’re lawyers, but we’ve also started numerous businesses, grown them, raised capital (both private and public), and sold them. We understand what it’s like to put capital at risk, assemble management teams, enjoy good business cycles and weather bad ones. Therefore, we know what you are feeling and experiencing as you take your business through its lifecycle.

Add us to your balance sheet | under assets.

We provide value to your business. We love what we do and have chosen to do it with people we respect. We believe this allows us to produce the best possible product for you and help your business prosper.

Talk, text, email | we’re plugged in.

We understand your business questions and challenges don’t fit into a schedule. We are responsive and will communicate in whatever medium works best for your team.