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Penwell Law Has Another Outstanding Year in the Insurance Agency Merger and Acquisition Space

Penwell Law’s merger and acquisition practice continued to impress in 2023, especially in the insurance agency space. In the past year, national insurance agency aggregators steadily pushed on to acquire agencies with superior performances. There was no shortfall of agency owners willing to sell due to the multiples of EBITDA that buyers were paying, showing that even with the rising interest rates, there were still buyers eager to acquire agencies.

Celebrating another year with over $110,000,000.00 in deal value and more than 24 deals closed, Penwell Law continues to lead the pack. “Embracing growth and change is not just a strategy for our law firm; it is the essence of our success.”, says Scott Penwell, managing partner. “In the legal world, adaptation is not a choice but a necessity. We thrive on evolving, expanding, and consistently delivering exceptional legal services to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.”

As we reflect on the past year, we take pride in the significant strides we’ve made as a firm. From welcoming a new attorney to successfully hosting our first live webinar, planning, and executing a successful insurance conference, to boldly re-branding our identity – each milestone signifies our commitment to growth, innovation, and excellence. As we eagerly anticipate the coming year, we are poised for even greater achievements and look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

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